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This collection is a result of collaboration between experimental photographer Natalya Tarankova (IG @natalya.tarankova) and illustrator Joanna Mugford (IG @mugaska). We are presenting you, buzzy animations about bees on top of photographs of green city Copenhagen and possibly other cities in the future.


city bees


bikes and roses

save the bees

plant flowers

more flower gardens

This NFT is a collaboration between experimental analogue photographer Natalya Tarankova (@natalya.tarankova) and illustrator Joanna Mugford (@mugaska). The idea for this collaboration was born from our common passion for wild nature, biodiversity and current challenges we are facing in connection to that. In this collaboration we wanted to play around the idea of how we could integrate the bees into the modern city life of Copenhagen. Could you imagine bees biking around Copenhagen, going to the office in the morning? Could you imagine bees hanging out with their bees friends at the doorsteps with a can of Honey beer while sharing it on their Instagram? Well, we tried. We have used the mix of analog photo and digital animation turned into an actual Instagram account @bees_and_the_city and series of NFT to reflect the nature of the issue. We need both - real hands-on action and spreading awareness through all the digital platforms. Since Instagram and NFT are currently the hottest platform in town (Sorry TikTok, but we are just not ready for THAT level of crazy) - we could not miss out on using this possibility for a good cause.

Bees in Copenhagen Part 3

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