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See Kymri is a world with 3D avatars, houses, cars and X. They come from drawing, paintings or just move out from the nature, the flame, the table ... I see them everywhere. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars made of stumps. Info when buying code: In Unlockable Content is a PDF with contents from files used (.x3d, readme.txt and images) . They are stored in Arweave and you got a link to download the files. The X3DOM code is free to be used. For information about X3DOM see

Pølse Ahlsen 3D


Pølse Ahlsen 3D model in X3DOM. Pølse Ahlsen - a famous sausage dealer in my hometown Halden Norway I created the 3D model of the building in 2005. Artwork file is 1280 * 720 px. This 3D model can be used in Metaverse. X3DOM is an open-source framework and runtime for 3D graphics on the Web. It can be freely used for non-commercial and commercial purposes, and is dual-licensed under MIT and GPL license. I can send a new owner a link to X3DOM file ahlsen.x3d .

Pølse Ahlsen 3D

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