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I dream a lot. Even when I’m wake up. This collection is about my life goals. my emotions and feelings. about life and about death. welcome to my surrealist view of my inner self. My personal brand or trademark is the”eyes” almost present in my artwork. Enjoy.

#23 Temple of Dreams



Surreal landscapes


Sofia Alves

This is my temple of dreams and emotions. Is where I enter whenever I want to access my creative world. It is accessible for always, on awaked lucid dreams like when I fall into the REM phase when I sleep. It's the place where I get inspiration for my creative act. Only artists hold the key to their temple and are able to create. Because create is a gift from God. Software: Photoshop - drawing, painting, collage and enhancements. AI prompts - To create some items used on collage process.

#23 Temple of Dreams

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