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Little Creeps R.I.P. (Run If Possible) is a collection of classic horror movie monsters with a whimsical twist.

Landon #03





Classic Monsters

After purchase buyer will own this unique one-of-a-kind NFT, Little Creeps R.I.P. (Run If Possible) "Landon #03" Landon "Junior" Chaney. The Little Creeps collection consists of 13 Little Creep characters (Plus a few surprise cameos). Each Little Creep has its own unique personality and some familiar traits that are associated with the original classic monster. The Little Creeps characters were created in 2019. This NFT is a 2000x2000 high-resolution PNG file, size 3.70 MB, NFT created September 2021 by Sour Monkey Productions Music & Entertainment Group.

Landon #03

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