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1/1 NFT paper collages. I buy a cheap Georgian magazine and make as many collages as the issue allows. Sometimes it's hard, but it's my way of fighting overconsumption. Chaos and harmony, beauty and ugliness.





Free newspaper clippings, cut-up money, nature and man mixed up. To blend in, to dissolve, or to be a prisoner is up to you. What follows are quotes by Marcus Aurelius from his book of the same name: 🍄Nowhere is a man more peaceful and serene than in his own soul. Especially one who has something inside that should only be looked at closely, and it immediately becomes easier. This relief, in my opinion, is nothing other than mental serenity. This is the kind of solitude that you must continually indulge in, thus renewing yourself. 🍄For the truths that must always be at hand, notice especially two. First, things do not touch the soul, but abide at rest outside it; the causes of complaint are rooted in inner conviction alone. Second, all that you see is subject to change and will soon disappear. 🍄Ten days will not pass, and you will appear as a god to those for whom you are now a beast! and a monkey - turn only to the fundamentals and to the reverence of reason. 🍄The un-turned is better than the set in. 🍄A little more time, and you will disappear, as well as all that you see, and all those who live now. For everything is subject to change, transformation, and disappearance - so that another may follow in its wake.


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