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4 March 2022: An exclusive selection of 5 editions of 10 artworks that come alive with the help of AR and musical compositions. Durieu and Erin are an artistic duo with multiple exhibitions, installations and artworks under their belt. Besides the static artworks, an impressive amount of them comes alive musically and in AR. Learn more about their artistic endeavors on the website.

Calamus 5/5






It’s alive! This artwork is made in augmented reality (AR). To view this on your phone, please download the free Artivive app from the AppStore or PlayStore. Crank up the volume, launch the app and glance your phone over it - You're about to see some magic!  Advice: 4G or WIFI preferred. Do not hesitate to come extremely close with your phone and explore the details.
Calamus 5/5
Lizenz: Pub/NonComm
Gemintedauf SolSea
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