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100 unique, worthless NFT. It´s is a must have to have one. You are not a real NFT- Collector as long you havent at least one of this in your collection.



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like the other 90%

Please note: Each piece of this collection is as rare as it makes you feel happy to identify with. This NFT comes with no utility. The Anti Social Anti NFT Society is so anti, we do not even have a society. Have a great day. Enjoy your life. And not to forget: When a clown moves into a castle, he doesn’t become a King; the castle becomes a circus. Same for NFT.
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Lizenz: Repr/Comm
Gemintedauf SolSea
Dieses NFT ist zur Zeit nicht gelistet!
⚠️ Nicht verifiziertes NFT - bitte überprüfe alles vor dem Kauf
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