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    “NatureArt” " is an NFT art collection that presents a compilation of works created by photographer David Alfaro, a retrospective of the last 10 years of his career, based on photographs taken in different parts of the Americas and Spain, using part of his photographic portfolio and resorting to digital media to create alternative environments that invite imagination and reflection. The collection presents the vision of one of El Salvador's most renowned environmental photographers and unfolds a fantastic world loaded with a great symbolic richness in fascinating pieces, proposing an environmental portrait of our times and possible futures, celebrating the beauty and colours of nature in a new and unique way. “NatureArt” is a limited collection, created using compositional techniques, light and shadow perspectives sometimes unrealistic and inspired by nature, but addressing fragility, chaos and beauty through a surreal mix of radiant colours, atmospheres and textures, evoking sensations and provoking emotions, meticulously created as virtual art, transforming reality into an NFT. The artist defines the work created for this NFT collection as environmentalist surreal photography, blurring the boundaries between photography and the vectorisation of space, where natural motifs and sweet shapes are mixed and counterbalanced with disturbing textures, singular colours and sordid tones, which he uses as recurring elements. The whole process from the taking of the photograph, editing and effects with which the images are treated are the author's creation, without the intervention of Artificial Intelligence, being a long creative process for each work, with the aim of achieving a unique and exclusive art.