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    Socean Pathfinders


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    Scanning through the archives, your eyes are alerted to the mention of a forgotten city. Tales of an underwater city, hidden in the depths of the great oceans. The walls of the city rise higher than the eye can see, and encircle a deafening silence. The fortress is fronted by wrought iron gates ten stories high that have never been opened in living memory. What lies behind these gates? Nobody knows--but there are legends passed down, from generation to generation, of a city that beggars belief. Its name remains an enigma to all but the most intrepid of explorers. The Pathfinder Collectible was reserved for the first 3,000 stakers of Socean. As a brave Pathfinder leading the way, the only way forward is to discover the lost city. The city of wonders. The city of the future. Welcome, to the hidden myth, of Socean City.
 First 10 users who staked with Socean: Pathfinder V Next 90 users (first 100 users) : Pathfinder IV Next 400 users (first 500 users): Pathfinder III Next 500 users (first 1000 users): Pathfinder II Next 2000 users (first 3000 users): Pathfinder I