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    Nova-Dox dog paradise


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    This NFT is more than just charity; we actually pay you back with our profits in Nova-Dox. Nova-Dox has just started and already has a very good volume for a start-up. However, most funds come from collections that help us with the development and marketing of the NFTs and Nova-Dox crypto token. Funds from other collections are in the trading pools, where we will receive the profit at the end of the staking period. When we come to the profitable stage, we allocate almost half of our net profit to dog charity, aiming to keep old dogs and those with a troubled past out of cages. We can't wait for the moment when we reach a profitable stage, allowing us to build our first dog paradise and rescue dogs from local shelter cages where they are currently suffering. Older and troubled dogs won't to find new owners. We have found a piece of land that is not publicly for sale and a part of it already has fences. Once we purchase the land, we can immediately move the first dogs to this free territory, where they can run and play as much as they want. We will store collecting funds from this collection until we can afford to buy the land. If we don't succeed in our mission, funds will be transferred back (unlikely). When Nova-Dox reaches the profitable stage with funds allocated for dog charity, we will pay the NFT holders from this collection back with 125% of their initial investment. If you own 10 or more NFTs, you will receive even 150% of your initial investment back. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on our mission to bring the best part of our project forward, which is saving dogs' lives and giving them the place and freedom they deserve (besides the high rewards that our clients can earn with our regular collections). On the NFT, you see the piece of land located between two hills near Los Gigantes, Tenerife. It's a perfect place for these poor dogs. Additionally, you see "Sky," an abandoned puppy saved by the founder and CEO of Nova-Dox, and "Jimmy," the first dog adopted by our founder and CEO, who unfortunately spent his first five years living in terrible conditions. He has transformed into a happy and energetic guy, and he approved the piece of land as a perfect place to start helping his friends who are still in cages. For more information and our other products, see our website: